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Personal trainer & Nutrition coach

I want to live until I’m 100 years old! Still kicking butt, strong, healthy and happy. How I live my life today will determine my future. So I take good care of my body through training, nutrition and sleep. I take care of my happiness through a balance of work, play and good relationships.


I’m a personal trainer because I like working with people. There is so much to learn with each new person I get to work with. Your story, goals, struggles and achievements is the most exciting part of my job. I want to help you become a better version of yourself. Healthy and happy, strong and kind.


I’ve been working with Functional Fitness and CrossFit for all my career. The goal with this type of training is for you to be ready for anything that life throws at you. That can be the daily struggles of having kids and a full time job, or the desire to learn a new skill and chase a new personal record. I can teach you technique and new exercises, make you stronger and improve your mobility, guide you through nutrition, sleep and recovery, and push you when the motivation is lacking.


When we train together, your workouts will be challenging, but also fun! I want you to enjoy training, to achieve your goals and to help you become a strong, healthy and happy person!


We say at Strong CPH that “Strong is X”. What is your X? Let’s achieve it together. Stay strong and be kind.

My education:

  • Bachelor in Physical Education 

  • Precision Nutrition Level 1

  • Crossfit Trainer Level 2

  • Crossfit Gymnastics

  • Eleiko Olympic Weightlifting Coach Level 1

  • The Movement Fix

  • Active Life

  • Instagram
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